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At GT ACADEMY we love watching children growing in confidence as they learn to use their bodies in new and safe ways. We relish their look of achievement after they master a new skill or improve their strength or coordination; it is truly magical. We encourage all children to test their bodies and challenge themselves to the best of their abilities in a safe environment regardless of age or level. 

At GT ACADEMY we believe:

That children learn best when they are inspired and respected

In encouraging and celebrating the small things

In having fun 

That gymnastics is the foundation for any sport


Our programs are designed to safely teach each child at their own age and ability. Our facility has space for our Preschool, Recreational, and Competitive programs. Our staff takes pride in providing the cleanest, SAFEST, and most organized gymnastics center in DUBAI. 


Our Recreational gymnastics classes are for children age 5 to 16. Children are grouped by age and ability and progress through our skills based Stages. Not being a competitive program we take our gymnastics very seriously and ensure the children are learning correct techniques with proper gymnastics “shaping”. That said, we are also very serious about having fun


Competitive gymnastics are for children who have reached a certain level of skill, strength and flexibility. Classes are  hours and incorporate a substantial amount of strength and flexibility exercises. Skills are more advanced than in recreational classes, with a greater focus on correct technique, body tension and positioning.


Afterschool programs can support social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe and a supportive environment for children and youth. After-school programs provide students with academic enrichment opportunities, as well as additional activities designed to complement the academic programs.



my kids love the coaches and program.
Albert may

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